We are open from 19pm thru 5am every day. Please check out our sister bar “Gluck” in Hachio-ji. Our event schedule: Girl staffs will cosplay on every Fridays and Saturdays

Our name

Shinkukan Dolls


AOI Building 2F, 2-11 Sakuma-cho, Kanda, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo

Bar Concept

Come on, Anime Lovers and Anison Lovers!!
It’s just a 2 minute walk from “Akihabara” station.
Don’t you want to drink while listening to your favorite anison,
And watch your favorite anime?
Please enjoy the DJ’s perfect play!
We have different events going on every day.
On weekends, our girl staffs will entertain you with cosplay!
You can request your favorite song and sink into your own world,
Or find out an entire new world. There are many ways to enjoy!
Please feel free to come by our bar.
We are waiting for your visit!
We are open from 19pm until 5am.
*We will notice when we have a day off.


・Customers under 18 cannot stay after 10PM
・Underage drinking is restricted by law.
・Taking pictures of Alchemist staffs are restricted.
・We have no responsibilities with lost goods inside the bar.
・Please be seated while drinking.
・Please do not bang the table nor the floor.
・We stop people who are heavily drunk from entering our bar.
・If annoying other customers or our girl staffs, we may ask to leave after payment.
・If you throw up in the bathroom or the bar counter, we ask you to pay \3000.


“All you can drink” course
This course is \3200 for 90minutes /per person.
We take last orders in the last 5minutes.
Incase you want to extend the course, it is \1000 every 30minutes.


Beer and Beer base \700
Asahi Beer
Shandy Gaff (mild or spicy)
Red Eye
Mango Beer \800
Cassis Beer \800

Gin base \700
Gin Tonic
Gin Ricky
Gin Back (mild or spicy)
Gin Fizz

Vodka base \700
Moscow Mule (mild or spicy)
Vodka Tonic
Screw Driver
Bloody Mary

Rum base \700
Rum Coke
Rum Tonic

Tequila base \700
Tequila Coke
Tequila Tonic
Tequila Sunrise

Cassis base \700
Cassis Orange
Cassis Coke
Cassis Oolong tea
Cassis Soda
Cassis Grapefruit

Peach \700
Fuzzy Navel
Reggae Punch
Peach Pineapple
Peach Milk
Peach Fizz

Malibu \700
Malibu Coke
Malibu Orange
Malibu Pineapple
Malibu Milk

Kahlua \700
Kahlua Milk
Black Russian
Kahlua Plum

Campari \700
Campari Orange
Campari Soda

Strawberry \750
Strawberry Milk
Strawberry Fizz

Aperol \750
Aperol Orange
Aperol Soda

Amaretto \800
Amaretto Orange
Amaretto Ginger (mild or spicy)
Amaretto Milk

Southern Comfort \800
SoCo Ginger (mild or spicy)
SoCo Tonic
SoCo Screw
SoCo Grapefruit

Sakura \850
Sakura Coke
Sakura Oolong tea
Sakura Milk
Sakura Fizz

Green tea liquor \850
Green tea Oolong tea
Green tea Green tea
Green tea Orange
Green tea Soda
Greeb tea Milk

Passoa \900
Passoa Coke
Passoa Soda
Passoa Cranberry

Mistia \900
Mistia Ginger (mild or spicy)
Mistia Tonic

Prucia \900
Prucia Ginger (mild or spicy)
Prucia Tonic

Tiffin \900
Tiffin Cassis Tea
Tiffin Orange
Tiffin Milk

Dita \950
China Blue
Dita Orange
Dita Soda
Light on Dita

Hpnotiq \950
Hpno Orange
Hpno Tonic
Hpno Grapefruit

Baileys \800
Baileys Milk

Godiva \1000
Godiva Milk

Bottles \800
Smirnoff ICE

Red Bull \900
Vodka Bull
Jager Bull
Cassis Bull
Amaretto Bull

1shot/\700 3shot/\2000
※Please choose from Vodka, Tequila, SoCo lime, Ronrico. Jager

Original Cocktail \1250
Alchemist girls will make a cocktail just for you.

Wine \2500

Angeaile White (sparkling wine) \3000
Café de Paris (sparkling wine) \6000
Moet Chandon \13000
Veuve Clicquot Ponsardin \20000
Veuve Clicquot Rose \23000
Moet Nectar \23000
Dom Perignon White \45000
Dom Perignon Rose \80000

“Kaku” whisky
Ballantine’s (scotch)
Suntory Brandy V.O (brandy cognac)

Jim Beam (bourbon whisky)
Early Times (bourbon whisky)

I.W. Harper (bourbon whisky)
Four Roses (bourbon whisky)

“Taketsuru” pure molt (Japanese whisky)
Jack Daniel (Tennessee whisky)
Wild Turkey 8years (bourbon whisky)
Wild Turkey Honey (bourbon whisky)

Chivas Regal 12years (scotch)

Bowmore 12years (scotch)
Hennessy VS (brandy cognac)

“Shin Yamazaki” (Japanese whisky)
“Hakushuu” (Japanese whisky)

“Hibiki” 12years (Japanese whisky)
Macallan 12years (scotch)

“Shochu” (clear distilled liquor), “Umeshu” (plum liquor), Japanese sake
Shochu with Oolong tea
Shochu with Green tea
Shochu with Lemon and soda
Shochu with Lime and soda

“Kuro Kirishima” (distilled from sweet potatoes)
“Kannnoko” (distilled from barley)
“Iichiko” (distilled from barley)
“JINRO”(Japanese citron)
“Kyogetsu” Acerola/”Yuzu” (Japanese citron)
“Matsurika” (distilled from jasmine)
“Rento” (distilled from brown sugar)

“Tantakatan Umeshu”
“Ume monogatari” \800

“Jozen Mizu no Gotoshi” (Japanese sake)

Soft drink
Coca cola
Orange juice
Ginger ale (mild or spicy)
Pineapple juice
Grapefruit juice
Oolong tea
Green tea
Tomato juice

Cranberry juice

Black Oolong tea
Non-alcohol Beer

Red Bull

“Kakipi-“(mix of peanuts and spicy fried mochi chips)

Kolbasa (calpas)
Wasabi beans
Pocky & Pretz
Mix nuts
Tortilla chips
Miso Garlic
Moyashi Salad (bean sprouts)
Canned foods
Mackerel canned
Saury canned
Chicken and Burdock
Boiled Daikon (turnip)

Chicken Nuggets
Chinese Fried Rice
Chinese Fried Rice with leaf mustard
Bibimbap (Korean rice dish)
Shrimp Pilaf
Dry Curry
Chicken Rice

Edamame (green soybeans)

Cube Cheese

Food & Nuggets (with drawing)
(Please choose the food from the \400 menu)

Instant photos with “Cheki” camera
\500/ pin shot
\800/ two shot
\1200/ three shot

Chemical Light \200